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Cenderawasih yang Kecewa (The Disappointed Bird)

Cenderawasih yang Kecewa (The Disappointed Bird)

Language/s: English, Malay

This bilingual story tells of a young woman, Cenderwasih, who was disappointed with her husband when he changed his ways after marriage. She turned into a bird and flew to “fairyland”, leaving her husband and baby. Realising the loss for his son and himself, Kamat, her husband, searched for her and finally reunited her with the family. The tale imparts lessons on family life and faithfulness to marital responsibilities. (English and Malay)

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Cenderawasih yang Kecewa (The Disappointed Bird) Login to Bookmark!

Publisher: Pustaka Karya Intelek (Kuala Lumpur)

Year: 2014

ISBN: 9789670653013

National Library Board (Singapore) Call Number: Malay JP NOR / JP 39