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Guji Guji

Guji Guji

Language/s: English

The story begins with a crocodile egg finding its way into a duck’s nest. Guji-Guji, as the baby in the egg is named by the mother duck, eventually faces an existential dilemma: Is he a duck or is he a crocodile? Should he embrace his true nature and do what the crocodiles ask him to, or should he go on waddling like the duck that he thinks he is?

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9 May 2017
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Guji Guji is a humourous story about a crocodile who thinks he is a duck. The ending is both thoughtful and hilarious. Thoroughly enjoyed by my children.
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Publisher: Kane/Miller Book Publishers (La Jolla, California)

Year: 2004

ISBN: 978192913267

National Library Board (Singapore) Call Number: English JP CHE