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Lord of the Cranes

Lord of the Cranes

Language/s: English

In this beautifully illustrated tale about virtue and generosity to the less fortunate, the author retells the Chinese folktale about Tian, the Lord of the Cranes, who flies down to a village, disguised as a beggar, to test for himself the goodness of people. An innkeeper, Wang generously fed and welcomed him, and was rewarded by Tian and the cranes with good fortune and fame.

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9 May 2017
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This story reminds of another crane story in the Japanese folktale of The Grateful Crane. The crane returned the kindness of a farmer who saved her life.
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Publisher: North-South Books (New York)

Year: 2000

ISBN: 9780735811928

National Library Board (Singapore) Call Number: English JP 398.2 CHE